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Insulation insulates a home against the outside temperature and insulates the conditioned air inside from escaping. The better a Tampa home is insulated the more energy efficient it will be. If you want to make your home more energy efficient in these hot summer months, pumping up your insulation and correcting any deficiencies is a wise strategy. Insulation comes in different forms, batt insulation, blown in insulation, and blown in foam insulation are a few of the more popular ones. Batt insulation comes in large rolls and is stapled into place. Blown in insulation is blown in and can fit in more crevices and small areas than batt insulation can. Blown in foam insulation is blown in as a foam, and quickly expands to the area and firms up. All types of insulation come in different R-values, or R-ratings. This is the thermal factor of the insulation. Building codes require higher R-values in attics where air is more readily exposed to the elements than in walls. The higher the R value, the better the insulation value. Cost rises with higher R values, and with blowing in insulation. Many people add insulation to interior walls for sound proofing effects. Insulation in bathrooms can help reduce noise from the plumbing pipes. Insulation around game rooms or media rooms can help soften the noise from these areas from the rest of the house. With your Tampa home isulated properly you could see a drop in those high energy bills!

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"The Tampa Sunroom" The Tampa sunroom was originally referred to as a "Florida Room". The addition of a Florida room is now popular everywhere in the country and are commonly called sunrooms, today. The use of modern energy efficient materials and building techniques makes the sunroom a welcome living space addition. Read more about adding a sunroom to your Tampa home.
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